Welcome Back ?

By Stefan Anderson

After facing all the turmoil and adversity that one can have, Ray Rice has finally reached his decision. Following an indefinite suspension and being released by his home for over six seasons, the Rutgers standout received his justice his suspension was appealed and Rice was reinstated into the National Football League.

Now that the 3 time pro bowler has been reinstated in the league, which NFL team is willing to let by bygones be bygones and add an exceptional running back to their roster. Rolling the dice on Ray Rice could cost franchise lots of money or fans depending on the location of the organization. But it always takes that one dedicated teams that doesn’t worry about outside factors and could use a premier running back to help make their roster better.

Teams willing to take on Rice following his domestic abuse incident is not completely over. Among the teams that are willing to sign former 1,000 yard rusher, include the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons and The New Orleans Saints, who are all on the cusp of the playoff race and could use the talents of Ray Rice.

Some teams that have not been mentioned that could Ray Rice include:

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are currently knocking on the door for the AFC Wild Card and could certainly use Rice’s expertise and rushing attack after losing their premier rushers Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller.

Detroit Lions: Ranking 30th in rushing yards in the league, the Lions could propel themselves to a NFC North division title with the added rush of Ray Rice. The 3-time pro bowler could give the Lions an added dimension, Rice could catch passes out the backfield along with providing rushing between the tackles what they have been searching for with Bush and Bell.

Arizona Cardinals: Second to last in rushing this season , the Cards still maintain the NFL’s best record, but if the Cards were to add Rice to their roster they can become a real contender for the Lombardi Trophy. Rice could help the Cards control the clock and game as they continue to air it out and control offenses with their stingy defense. Taking some pressure of the inexperienced Drew Stanton would be a tremendous addition and the best fit in my opinion.

Ultimately, Ray Rice would have to get back in NFL shape in a short amount of time, but his talent alone will enhance his chances to get back on the field. Would love to see him back on the field before seasons end looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

nfl dramaBy Stefan Anderson

The past few years have some given the National Football League has experienced its fair share of controversy including BountyGate, rule changes, concussion settlements, have all put a damper on one of America’s favorite sports.

This past week has been no different, as the soap opera continues to overshadow the league. Everything that has occurred of the week should result in necessary change for the NFL.

Fans and players of the NFL have witnessed more storylines then we have seen games played. In only the 2nd week of the season, Ray Rice was on the brink of serving his final week of suspension stemming from a domestic violence incident between him and his wife earlier in the year.

A video of the incident by TMZ, a “credible” news source, and given to was given to various media outlets worldwide and making the situation even worse. The Baltimore Ravens then cut Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL indefinitely.

The league’s Commissioner Roger Goodell had “no idea” that had the actions were that brutal and only seen the video once TMZ released.  This makes absolutely no sense to most including myself when weeks previously Goodell and the NFL brass implemented a new policy on domestic abuse which gives a six-game suspension without pay for the first offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense.

The NFL is now being investigated for its poor handling of the situation and can result in appeal for Rice or some serious actions the hierarchy of National Football League.

That was only the beginning of the week, on Friday; Adrian Peterson was indicted on charges of endangerment of child welfare after he reportedly struck his son with a switch leaving many lacerations. Peterson is who is currently inactive, is facing charges and could possibly face jail time based on the action in court.

Regardless of the fact the players have many irresponble actions, their choice indulge in what they choose, is simply their decision. Not justifying any of their situations as a human being, but the scrutiny that these athletes have faced recently is simply outrageous. I understand that get paid millions of dollars and should have sound judgment on most situations but at the end of the day they are football players.

I do not believe it’s solely on the players why these actions are happening, I believe it comes from Roger Goodell and his staff for not having control of the league.  The actions of the NFL’s head honcho has created a league in which more concern has been what happens outside of the field then what happens on the field.

The league that grosses nearly 9 billion a year has put its focus on the wrong things and have taken away from the integrity of the game. Ultimately it should lead to a new commissioner and new leadership to give the league a better outlook and fresh perspective.

We have now seen great athletes like Wes Walker, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon and Ray Rice just to name few all sideline not due to injury but to extra-curricular activities. If It continues the way things are we will end up missing many more great talent of the game.