The NBA Mount Rushmore


By Stefan Anderson

After the sound bite from an interview that was aired last night on NBA TV featuring  the league’s brightest star, LeBron James, where made a comment on NBA’s Mount Rushmore. After explaining the blueprint for his Mount Rushmore that included Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson, “The Chosen One” , during his  the interview  went on to say “I’m going to be one of the top four to ever play this game,”  and then went on to add  “For sure. And if they don’t want me to have one of those top four spots, they better find another spot. We’ve got to bump somebody. Somebody got to get bumped. 

James’s remarks who on who thinks belong on the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore stirred a lot of controversy and rebuttals from other players after his statement, including his arch nemesis.  

Kevin Durant replied and give his description of his Mt. Rushmore by saying, “If I had a four, it would be Michael, Larry, Magic and Kareem,” Durant said. “[Abdul-Jabbar is] the all-time leader in points. How many championships does he got? Multiple championships. MVPs. He’s got it all. As far as accolades and championships, he’s got it all.”

Kobe Bryant also had a opinion in the conversation by adding “Magic, Bird, Michael, and Russell. But it’s impossible to do four, come on, man.” – Kobe Bryant

If I were to make my own Mt. Rushmore, I would agree with all the league’s top stars by including the Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. That trio of players would be included in my architecture because of their impact of the game and how they all mastered the swingman position ranging from the PG to SF even Center in Magic’s case. But I would disagree with James because you would have to include the Center and what they have contributed to the game. Even that task would become difficult to choose because of the greats that have come along at that position. But I would bring the list down 3 Centers: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and an honorable mention to the “Big Diesel “Shaquille O’Neal.

I would choose Wilt Chamberlain over Abdul-Jabbar and Russell for many reasons. I am well aware of Abdul- Jabbar career leading stats in Points, 6 MVP’s and Titles, he has never averaged 50 points in a season and only has only has averaged over 30 points for 4 seasons in comparison to Chamberlain who did an impressive 9 times.  Not to discredit Abdul-Jabbar for his great play, he played for 20 seasons and had great guards like Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson similar to Shaq who played with Kobe, Penny, D-Wade and LeBron James. Bill Russell, known for his defense, never averaged more 16 points per game in any of his season. If Blocks and Rebounds per game were accounted for during those times it would be a great argument for Russell but would an even bigger exclamation mark for Chamberlain’s stats as well. Therefore my Mt. Rushmore would be concluded with Jordan, Bird, Magic and Wilt because of his dominance of the game and how he transformed it as a big man.

If you were to make your own Mt. Rushmore who you include or exclude?? Leave your comments and remarks below. 

KD for MVP ??


By Stefan Anderson

When you mention MVP Candidates for this season, you probably have your choices down to maybe Kevin Love or Lamarcus Aldridge for wild card picks or maybe even Carmelo Anthony for his great play. But the definite choices belong to Kevin Durant and the reigning 4- time MVP winner LeBron James. The two have been known to be close not only in stats but also as good friends off court practicing with each other and making each other their biggest competitors.

After LeBron, earned his first ring against Durant in 2012 and then repeating in the following year, Durant has always the 2nd best to James since their encounter in the finals. But the two envy each other many ways that keeps this rivalry going. With both of the stars envious of each other’s success and wish they could do what each other do. Durant is jealous of LeBron’s MVP’s and Finals MVP’s, and LeBron “jealous” of KD’s “shot selection”. They both have their own reasons to envy each other and after this season KD will finally get his revenge by earning this year Most Valuable Player award.

Here’s Why:

LeBron James is on pace to have one of the greatest seasons for a swingman in NBA History. With the chance to average 25 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds and while shooting an astounding 60 percent from the field.  Those numbers will go down in history but ahead and right behind him is Kevin Durant. King James has already been on record for saying that he is jealous of KD’s shot selection and wishes he could have the opportunity to shoot like Durant. KD only takes 3 more 3’s and field goals than James per game. Durant is not only a better complete scorer than James but has been shown as a better playmaker this season. Durant not only is averaging 31 ppg, he is also averaging 5 assists per game not only taking on the scoring load of his team due to the loss of his sidekick Russell Westbrook. LeBron on the other hand is taking a small hike in his play making statistics, James is only 6.5 assists and 7 rebounds per game, which are some player’s career highs, but for King James this is one of one worst seasons in his career.

Durant has not only been the best player in NBA this season he is also doing it on the best team in the Western Conference, as well.  Not to mention, the fact that have been playing without their point guard and explosive scorer Russell Westbrook. Since Westbrook’s injury on December 27th, the Thunder have been on a tear. With a current winning streak of 8 straight beating some of the Western Conference’s elite, The Spurs, Warriors and Portland , without Westbrook’s help. During this current stretch without Westbrook, KD has stepped up for his team, averaging 38 ppg in the last 10 games. While Miami on the other hand without LeBron James’s sidekick, Dwayne Wade, have not shared the same success. While Wade has missed a few games due to knee injury, The Heat failed to capitalize without Flash, by posting a 5-6 record without Wade. Which gives all the reasons why Durant finally deserves his opportunity receive his first MVP award this season, he has been the best player in NBA, his team and has stepped when his team needs it the most.

With so many storylines between the Thunder and Heat, LeBron and Durant, tonight’s matchup in Miami is going to be a great match. Especially with Miami holding a current 3 game regular season streak over OKC and also defeating them in NBA Finals in 2012. Should be a sight to see.