cali love


By Stefan Anderson

Lemon, Gwynn, Seaver, Carter and the legendary Ted Williams, they all have one thing in common, California bred baseball players.  California has always been known to produce standout players as well as great baseball teams.  This season is a true testament to that statement, with the California’s teams being the most dominant of all the 50 states with franchises.

Aside from the Padres, all the teams in the golden state have produced great baseball this season and all can have a chance at winning the pennant in their own right.

With honorable mention to the big city in California, Los Angeles has been creating a roar of their own. The Angels have found their bats again after struggling last season. They currently sit at 35-28 and are top 10 in RBI and HR while averaging .257 as a team. Also in LA, you have the Dodgers, who are playing mediocre record wise and are a major run away from competing for the NL West or Wild Card position.  They are swinging the bat good as well as their National League competitors but have received a great boost from their bullpen and starting pitching staff. Their NL leading 571 strikeouts, led by Haren, Beckett, Ryu, Kershaw and Grienke, the Dodgers have arguably the best starting rotation in the bigs and matchup nightmare for opposing rosters if they can withhold.

Then there are the Bay Area teams: The A’s and Giants.

By far the hottest teams in the MLB, other than the Blue Jays who are streaking and sitting a .5 game behind the AL leading A’s, the Bay has produced the best baseball this season.

After being bounced out by the Tigers in the past two seasons in the playoffs, the A’s are back to playing their style of baseball, “Moneyball”.  Maximizing the effort of their players, and are in route to conquering their 3rd consecutive AL West title.  Led by savvy vets like Coco Crisp, Scott Kazmir, Brandon Moss and Jed Lowrie and a budding superstar in Josh Donaldson, the Athletics are playing great ball. With a MLB leading 310 RBI’s and ERA sitting at 2.91 have created some staggering numbers. In most cases run differential does not mean anything to playoff races or wins. But not in the A’s cases their impressive +125 run differential has proven the ideologists wrong as their continue to pile up their wins and continue on run for a pennant.

The Giants have been one of the more consistent teams of the past few seasons bringing in their fair share championship and fashionable style of baseball. But after a struggling season in the one that just past they have bounced back in a rare form. Although the Giants struggle to put players on the base, they certainly execute when they have the opportunity to do so, driving in 271 batters home this season they have made the most of their inconsistent bats.  Despite not manufacturing a great amount of runs, they have protected their wins a lot by their great pitching staff and bullpen.  With a 3.16 ERA and allowing opposing teams to only bat at .236, tied for 4th best in the majors, have lead them to the league leading 65 wins.

It is still early to predict what can happen in October, but I  am willing to make a bold prediction and state that one of the California teams will fighting for the pennant at seasons end.

2014 MLB Preview : NL West


By Greg Hudson

For the NL West, the 2012 and 2013 seasons were about two teams: in 2012 it was the eventual World-Series-Champion San Francisco Giants, and in 2013 it was about the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 2014 season seems set to be a potential showdown between the two organizations since the times when they played at Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds. But appearances can be deceiving and improvements for other teams may make the NL West anyone’s to take.

Arizona Diamondbacks (81-81, 2nd in 2013)
The fact that a .500 record was good enough for second place in the division last season shows the weakness of the division on the whole. But thanks to a good offseason the Diamondbacks will be looking to finish well above .500 this year, and it will be thanks in no small part to their work to bolster the pitching staff. Veteran starter Bronson Arroyo and new closer Addison Reed will look to keep the Snakes in the playoff hunt with consistent results, while slugger Mark Trumbo joins a powerful lineup that already features Martin Prado, Cody Ross, and Paul Goldschmidt, who all know how to swing a bat.
Don’t expect to see them in October, but don’t expect them to drop out of the race in the early going.
Colorado Rockies (74-88, 5th in 2013)
To think that just seven years ago the Rockies rode momentum into a World Series appearance, it’s hard to fathom how far the nearly-mighty have fallen in just a few seasons. The glory days of Matt Holiday and Ubaldo Jimenez are long gone, and last season showed it as the Rockies finished at the basement of the division.
But there remains potential for the team, albeit it mostly in the form of some relatively unknown quantities. Starting pitchers Brett Anderson and Jordan Lyles join a rotation that is wholly devoid of spark. Anderson put up mixed numbers during his time in Oakland while Lyles’ numbers with Houston are atrocious – but that may be a product of playing for baseball’s worst team rather than a lack of ability or grit.
The lineup has potential too, as Justin Morneau joins the likes of Troy Tulowitzki and fellow ex-Twin Michael Cuddyer in the thin air of Denver – and that could be a big factor in improving the offensive production the Rockies need if they want to reach the .500 mark again this season.
Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70, 1st in 2013)
The Dodgers won the NL West by 11 games last season with a record which may not have even earned a wild card in the American League. But the Dodgers don’t lack fire power – or star power, for that matter, with names like Clayton Kershaw, Brian Wilson, Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Adrian Gonzalez at the club.
But despite the efforts of Cy Young-winner Kershaw and former Cy Young winner Zach Grienke, the rest of the rotation was less than stellar. Paul Maholm and Dan Haren – veterans both, join the rotation this season with a view to changing that.
The lineup, meanwhile, looks much the same, except for the addition of Alex Guerrero at second base to replace the outgoing Mark Ellis, and one would expect them to continue their high-powered offensive push for the playoffs, but don’t expect them to win the division by 11 games this season.
San Diego Padres (76-86, 3rd in 2013)
After years of disappointment the Padres showed significant signs of improvement last year, although the faithful shouldn’t get too excited, as their third place finish was largely due to the inexplicably poor season from the reigning champion Giants.
But that being said, there’s hope for this Padre’s team, thanks in no small part to some major moves in the pitching department. Highly-touted Josh Johnson joins the rotation, and relievers Alex Torres and Joaquin Benoit come to help a bullpen not know for reliability put more marks in the W column.
The fairly young lineup has room for improvement, but that improvement is likely to come with time. Jedd Gyorko and Yonder Alonso are only 25 and 26, respectively, and with more experienced sluggers like Chase Headley and Will Venable in the lineup to mentor them, they could grow and mature in the kind of players that could give the Padres faithful a .500 season again soon – just not this season.
San Francisco Giants (74-88, 4th in 2013)
Hero to Zero.
The phrase sums up the Giants season in 2013, the year after waltzing to their second World Series title in three years. But while some consider it a one-off season, there remain struggles if the Giants want to make another run deep into October in 2014.
Limited off-season moves saw only two big names join the team – but they were big names. Michael Morse joins the outfield while Tim Hudson joins the rotation. But both these players embody the struggles that face the Giants: they aren’t getting any younger. Wrist surgery sidelined Morse for much of last season, while the 38-year-old Hudson has already undergone Tommy John surgery and frankly doesn’t have that many good years left in him. The bullpen is comprised almost exclusively of soon-to-be pensioners and youngsters without much experience but plenty of promise.
The lineup is much the same. Marco Scutaro is 38, while the rest of the infield features Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, and Pablo Sandoval, the oldest of whom is the 27-year-old Sandoval. And it’s the Panda who likely holds the key to the Giants’ playoff potential this season: the pudgy third baseman has dropped over 30 pounds since the end of last season and is determined to lose even more of the chub that earned him his nickname, and a healthier, more productive Sandoval could be the catalyst the Giants need to put them back in contention for October.
1st: Dodgers
2nd: Giants
3rd: D’Backs
4th: Padres
5th: Rockies

Carpe Diem: Free Agency Winners


By Stefan Anderson

The NFL Free Agency period has begun and many teams were put in unfortunate situations and some teams were in better positions also. With that we have seen many big names hit the free agent pool unexpectedly and some that were bound for their big pay day. Teams were who watched the Seattle Seahawks hoist up the Vince Lombardi trophy this winter were all dreaming of having their team witness the same nostalgia , following up with the champagne and confetti showers.

Although the Seahawks built their team through the conventional way of drafting the majority of their team, they also had to fill in the necessary spots with veteran free agents and players that could fit their schemes well. So far throughout the offseason, these few NFL teams have made their steps in route of righting the ship or tightening the loose on ends of their franchise by making the blockbuster and under the radar moves for this upcoming season.

  •  New England Patriots: After suffering the defeat their arch nemesis Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos during this year AFC Championship, the Pats are on their reign for dominance once again. The Pats went out and signed WR Brandon Lafell to give Tom Brady another target, while resigning one of his favorite targets Julian Edelman. The Patriots also boosted their defense by acquiring defensive backs Brandon Browner (formerly of the Seahawks) and former arch rival Darrell “Revis Island” Revis to withhold a secondary that just lost their star corner Aqib Talib.  The two aggressive corners in Bill Belichick’s defensive scheme will be a great one to watch as they try to take the Broncos from their AFC throne.
  • Denver Broncos: Still tasting the bitter taste of their Super Bowl defeat , for use of better words, the Broncos were very active this offseason adding talent to their already talented roster. After releasing their future hall of famer, Champ Bailey, GM John Elway went forward to sign defensive backs Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward to help the team’s secondary. Also on defensive they went to sign the recently cut pro-bowler Demarcus Ware to pass rush alongside Von Miller, scary site right? The Broncos continued their efforts after stacking up their defense by adding WR Emmanuel Sanders to replace Eric Decker who recently signed with the New York Jets. Still feeling the hangover of Super Bowl 48, Denver looks to return the same place and bring a championship this year instead.
  • New York Giants: The Giants looks to have a promising season against their competition and return the NFC playoffs. After a horrendous season where the fell from their prominence shown in years before, the Giants look to rebound after their free agent additions. They started on the Defensive by signing Dominque Rogers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond to help their already good pass defense that ranked 10th last season. Also on the offensive side by bringing in running back Rashad Jennings and re-signing Peyton Hillis to help one the league’s worst rushing attacks last year.
  • Oakland Raiders: Yes, I know I said the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have been one of the most active teams this offseason, under the radar but working diligently. Adding veterans with Super Bowl pedigree like Lamar Woodley and Justin Tuck to add to the defensive side of the football, the Raiders look to compete in the tough AFC West division. Also signing OT Austin Howard and resigning Khalif Barnes and also adding WR James Jones. Oakland is looking to look to acquire a QB that holster their offense this season, names like Michael Vick, Matt Schaub and Mark Sanchez are on the Raiders target list.

Carpe Diem is to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future and these few teams have done so by becoming the NFL’s biggest winners during Free Agency.