About Our Writers

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Stefan Anderson

Stefan Anderson, graduate of Virginia State University, a young sports journalist hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY, embarking on a long career in the sports world, after a start with the Hudson Valley Renegades, Minor League Baseball and WVST 91.3. Love to watch more than anything in the world when I was young child I enjoyed watching ESPN more than cartoons. Die Hard Sports Fans, but a deep rooted love for the game of basketball. Can’t wait to make imprint on the world and to make the best of this opportunity working through their various outlets.

Twitter : @SportsWithStef

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”- Micheal Jordan


Aaron Hampton

Aaron Hampton is a recent college graduate and diehard Atlanta Braves fan. While waiting 19 years for another World Series Pennant, he has also fallen in love with the Los Angles Lakers, New York Giants, and Liverpool Football Club.  Mostly focusing on the European footy and sports happenings stateside, his articles have been known to have more bite than Luis Suarez in the 90th minute.  Follow him on Twitter @ajh_LFC.

greg hudson

Greg Hudson 

Greg Hudson is a 21-year-old writer and broadcaster. He studies Journalism and Communications Media at SUNY New Paltz and works as a broadcast assistant for the Hudson Valley Renegades, a minor league team in the Tampa Bay Rays association. He follows both major and minor league baseball, college and pro football, and the NHL, but his special expertise is Barclay’s Premier League soccer.


Kelsey Miller

Born and raised in PG County, MD. Bachelor’s in Communications from VSU. Currently attending DePaul U for a sports journalism master’s..fav teams: cowboys, nationals, uofK wildcats, FSU Seminoles.

 “Just do it. dont talk about shit.”

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Jazmine August

Jazmine August is a tenacious, driven recent graduate of Virginia State University with a deep passion for sports. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native shares a special love for the game of basketball in which she aspires to be an analyst and expert. She is a diehard fan of the Miami Heat and a Lebron James fanatic. 

” My dream is to be the face of women in sports broadcasting” – Jazmine August


Maceo Lester 

Maceo Lester, a young entrepreneur, graduate of Virginia State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Lester has his name all over the arts, media, and sports: music lover, fashion lover, photographer, videographer, and sports fanatic. Maceo is oblivious to anything else on TV, “If it ain’t sports it ain’t for me.” He plans to embark on the sports/entertainment world in upcoming years, leaving his mark in several aspects of the media. One day you might see him writing about sports, the next day you might see him behind a camera, and the day after that he’ll be in front of the camera! Follow him on twitter and Instagram @ikonic410


“Stop the excuses, elevate life ourselves.”

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