Former Orlando Magic player and NBA Analyst Dennis Scott talks with The Starting Point

IMG_0811.JPGBy Stefan Anderson 

I had the opportunity to chop it up with former sharpshooter Dennis Scott during a charity event held in Poughkeepsie,NY for the Teen Resource Activity Center. 

SA: Earlier in your career you played in Orlando, where you witnessed a star leave in Shaq. Oklahoma City is in a similar situation. How do you think they’ll respond after Kevin Durant ?

DS: As a organization, I like what Sam Presti did. He said hey Russ, I don’t want to go through the same thing I went through with KD. Here is the extension if you want to stay. I’ll trade you if you want to leave. Now we have to see what kind of leader Russell Westbrook is going to be. KD missed 57 games last year and Russell had 18 triple-doubles. Does that now translate to wins ? You have Oladipo now, do you make him a better player? Do you make Kanter a better player ? It all depends on how Russell Westbrook leads.

SA: You were a great shooter during your career. In fact, you led the league in 3’s in 1995-1996. Who are some of your favorite shooters to watch today?

DS: It’s been well documented that they call me Uncle Splash. I am really cool with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, they are probably my two favorites. I do enjoy Damian Lillard, I like the way he shoots the basketball and I think Paul George is an underrated shooter because he does so many things on the floor. I think the three-ball is used differently now, compared to when it wasn’t used as much as it is now. Every team has at least two or three guys shoot the ball well.

SA: You always played with some great guards in your time, Kenny Anderson during college and Penny Hardaway with the Magic. How would you compare the guards from your era to the guards of today?

DS: The key phrase is mentality. The guards of the 80’s and 90’s goal was to set the team up, run the offense and get your team involved. The guards of today, the Stephs, Kyries , Damian Lillards, the Allen Iversons, I think that today’s guards have the mentality that I can take my man when I want to  and also be a traditional guard and set my teammates up and make them better. That’s why Kyrie and Steph are the best two today.

SA: What are you looking forward to this season ?

DS: How does San Antonio weather the storm, no Tim Duncan? That’s kind of crazy–for the last 20 years we’ve been seeing Timmy and Pop, it’s going to be weird seeing no Timmy and Pop. OKC,that’s an obvious. But I’m really interested in seeing the young guys. Ben Simmons, does he make Philadelphia better ?  Kris Dunn, does he come in and take Ricky Rubio starting point guard position? That a little more intriguing instead of the obvious stuff like guys changing teams. Also, D-Wade in Chicago, how does that play out?



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