Lone Star


By Stefan Anderson

Holdouts from training camps and franchise tags have been prevalent in the National Football League ever since it was introduced. But the disputes between the franchises and their players that “deserve” their contracts never go on a positive note.
“As much as I love football…on my beautiful babies… I apologize #cowboynation but I will not be there if no deal #fact”, Dez Bryant stated from his twitter handle @DezBryant on Monday.

The latest case happens to star the Dallas Cowboys and their all-pro wideout Dez Bryant. Which seems to be absurd, noting how Jerry Jones spends on his franchise. But the conversation begins now that Bryant has stated he will not report to training camp if a deal is not completed.

The Cowboys are looking to use their franchise tag option which withholds Bryant from becoming a Free Agent and pays the wide receiver over 12 million dollars. But it will cost Dallas even more if they fail to meet the need of their most important player.

Dez Bryant has serious market value and would make a splash if he jumped into the Free Agency pool, I mean which team wouldn’t want arguably the best WR on their roster? Not many.  With concurrent injuries of Tony Romo and the departure of their once premier back in Demarco Murray, who else would propel the Dallas offense?

Knowing how much Jones spends on his amazing sporting complex and the 11 million dollar gamble taken on Greg Hardy, who is playing is still in limbo with his current suspension. It would only make sense of the Cowboys to figure a way to pay their premier playmaker.

Now witnessing, Cincinnati promising A.J. Green a contract following the end of his rookie contract and the same with Denver doing the best to secure their main target in Demaryius Thomas, on the fence but has still offered 12 million a year.

It is imperative that Dallas finds a way to recapture its star or its going to be some long seasons in Dallas, as he could throw up the “X” elsewhere.

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