Its Finally Over.. What Now ?


By Stefan Anderson

Nearly two weeks after the newest talent of the NFL was added to their respective rosters, we still have to discuss Deflategate. But now that the verdict has been set, we can now FINALLY put that D-word, to rest.

The faculty of the New England Patriots will have to now live with their decision they made and face the punishments handed down by the NFL. As the NFL and NFLPA made their verdict to punish the Super Bowl Champs with a list of penalties that include:

  • Quarterback Tom Brady was suspended four games
  • The team was fined $1 million
  • Have to forfeit their 2016 first-round draft pick and a fourth-round pick in 2017
  • Patriots employees who tampered with the air pressure, John Jastremski and James McNally were suspended indefinitely.

With the Pats already known for Spygate, and their inability to cooperate with the Ted Wells investigation, the NFL and its brass wasted no time and made sure they could hit New England where it hurt.

The loss of Tom Brady could be significant because we have never seen Jimmy Garoppolo, but the Patriots used their 2nd rounder just two years ago to acquire the Eastern Illinois product. New England and the coaching mastermind of Bill Belichick have shown that can a hard rock into a gem , in 2008 they had backup and Buffalo Bills frontrunner Matt Cassell lead NE to a 11-5 season during Tom Brady’s absence.

The question remains now is the “Golden Boy” Tom Brady’s legacy in jeopardy after the suspension and investigation. And the answer is NO, Brady is one of (if not) the best quarterbacks we have seen this decade, and there is no concrete evidence that proves he actually tampered with the footballs after his noncompliance with the Wells investigation.

Brady’s suspension will be dropped down to less than 4 games after he makes his appeal to the NFL. When the Michigan alum, returns it shall scary for all opposing as he will play with a chip on his shoulder that everyone portrays him as a cheater. If the suspension time does not get lessened then his return versus, the showdown with the Colts in Indianapolis in Week 6 will be one for the ages.

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