What One Night Could Do

money mayBy Stefan Anderson

Years in the making, spectators and fans got what they were asking for Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather on the big stage in Las Vegas. But many were upset including myself.

Not because the fight was not a slug fest or similar to any storybook imaginary ending that those thought it was going to be. It’s because that we are getting ready to witness of one greatest athletes/entertainers make his final appearance on the grand stage.

“Money Mayweather” is closing on his final fight in September, and causal fans and boxing purists will not get to witness one of the greatest in and outside the sports showcase himself again. The self-proclaimed GOAT has fought off critics throughout of his career due to various reasons including his domestic violence issues or even his outlandish antics outside of the ring. But when your remain undefeated after going toe to toe with the greats among your class and continuously prove your claim to be the greatest its not argument why he has the confidence or arrogance Mayweather sports.

In the fight where he had the closest competitor “Pac Man”,  “TBE” gracefully put one on an exhibition against Pacquiao , time and time again making his rival look like amateur. Mayweather’s ability to control his opponent with cross and his height and not to mention his adept defensive tactics propelled him to 48-0 and once again on top of the world boxing ranks.

Now that he is final stage of his star studded career, Mayweather is set to relinquishing his belts and claiming “I’m a world champion in two different weight classes. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belt.”After holding the grips to the belt over the past decade, the sport is set to find a new leader as the balance of powers has been restored.

But as I stated previously in Bringing It Back, Boxing is making its revival as you see many networks including NBC and Spike have jumped on board to witness the sport once again remain prevalent.

The question now remains, Who is going to be the next fighter to become Mayweather’s predecessor or predecessors? Who is going to be the guy that makes people have fight parties and control a PPV card ?

I would personally like to see heavyweight fighters rise to prominence again with fans wanting to see slugfests and knockdowns. But I am anxious to see how Mayweather brings other fighter to spotlight that he holds with his ability as a businessman along with the control that he has over Las Vegas.

It will be great to witness and is something we will be on our edge of our seats to see.

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