Genius or Gone


By Stefan Anderson

Chip Kelly, known for his coaching tenure at the University of Oregon, was given a five-year contract worth 32.5 million in 2013 to right the ship for the Philadelphia Eagles after the divorce of long time coach Andy Reid. Since then Kelly brought his fast paced offense to the NFL and opened eyes in the league while bringing Philadelphia back to the postseason, and reassuring the future of the City of Brotherly Love.

Since January, Kelly has been given the keys to the organization to make personnel moves and now has traded and released pivotal players to his system. The likes of Desean Jackson, Lesean McCoy, Jeremy Macklin and now his first successful experiment in the NFL, Nick Foles have all been removed from the Eagles roster.

Although losing those play makers, the Eagles have now inherited the talents of Sam Bradford and one of Kelly’s former players and 2013 DROY Kiko Alonzo, but what talent does the offense have. With the word of Kelly trading up to get his prized possession Marcus Mariota ,it shows weakness in Kelly’s coaching ability.

Kelly was the mastermind that transformed Nick Foles into a Pro Bowl quarterback and following up with the resurgence of Mark Sanchez, but it was the pieces around Foles that made the system free flowing.

I do not like the fact that Chip Kelly has traded for his former players to run his system, however I disagree with as well, it does not show great versatility as a coach. Great coaches often get maximum potential all players not just the players they are accustomed to coaching.

The former Pac-10 Coach of the Year, has shown his wits once before and has to do so once again. Philadelphia, unlike most cities has one of the hardest fan bases and quickly will ask for Kelly’s exit if he doesn’t show the method to his madness.

Let’s hope this madness works out for the Ducks, I mean the Eagles sake.

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