The Rulers Back


By Stefan Anderson

Down 10, going into the final quarter, it appeared that the New England Patriots were going to suffer their third consecutive loss in the Super Bowl, but it was the genius of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that helped to propel New England to their fourth championship in six appearances.

I was originally going to herald the Legion of Boom and Seahawks defense, the greatest defense of all time, but the execution of the Patriots cancelled that statement instantly. Coach Belichick gave the keys to his favorite person, Tom Brady, who drove the field on two 60-plus yard drives that set New England up to seal the deal.

As I originally stated in my The Art of a Winning Franchise post, it’s the coach’s job to get the maximum potential out of all his players to be rewarded with achievement in any sport. After seeing Jeremy Lane go down to injury after early first quarter interception, it was apparent that Seahawks would have a liability in the secondary.

Not attacking with deep passes and playing into Seattle hands, Belichick drew up plays that would find the weak spots in the defense, attacking second year pro Tharold Simon, by utilizing his slot receivers. Julian Edelman, the former 7th round pick out of Kent State, has seen his progression through the Patriots system after once being kick return specialist to now catching nine passes including the game winning touchdown.

With 20 seconds left, Pete Carroll made the most irrational call in NFL History, going for an inside pass that costs Seattle its chances on repeating.

On the winning end was an undrafted rookie out of West Alabama, Malcolm Butler, who catches his first career interception. Right place, right time maybe, but to have a player ready to make a huge play like that attests to Belichick’s coaching ability to have guys to be prepared for any occasion.

Tom Brady goes on to win his 4th championship, tying Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with most wins in the Super Bowl, while eclipsing Montana’s record for most Super Bowl touchdowns. Brady now finds himself in the greatest QB ever conversation and now has cemented his legacy, while remaining the last quarter back to ever repeat in a Super Bowl record intact.

After Deflategate, and the worries coming into the Super Bowl, New England once again silenced the critics and remains supreme.

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