You Know Why I’m Here

By Stefan Anderson

Super Bowl XLIX is just days away and we are embarking on one of the premier championship games in years. But most viewers and fans subjected are prepared for the next scene in the NFL’s current soap opera.

It all started with Deflate gate, where the Patriots were suspected of deflating footballs to help them clobber the Colts 45-7 in the AFC Championship.

The deflated balls are supposed to give quarterbacks a better grip for passing, why didn’t Andrew Luck capitalize on the issue as well? Not to mention that Legarrette Blount ran all over the Colts defense and provided all the damage needed, so how much did the deflated balls affect the game?


Now, we are wasting our attention on Marshawn Lynch post game and press conference. “I’m Thankful” to have some like Lynch , who focused on the task at hand.

Reporters understand that “Beast Mode” doesn’t want to answer his question and has already stated at last year’s Super Bowl Media Day “I’m just about that action, boss” , which everyone else should be about.

As a reporter, I would love to have a great quote from Lynch but it’s plain and simple that he has nothing to say to the media. If the Seahawks running back decides not to help you put together your story there is a roster full of Seattle players that will, including what some would call outspoken Richard Sherman.

There are some many story lines and features that can be headlining this intriguing matchup. For example, Russell Wilson can become the first quarterback to repeat since Tom Brady, maybe even how this could the first time for Brady to capture a championship ring in over a decade, and the possibility of discussing the legacy of the Legion of Boom , becoming the greatest defense units ever.

There is so much more to be discussed about how legendary this game could be, instead we are focusing on everything off the field. Hopefully within these next days’s hope can be restored and as the wise Marshawn Lynch stated “You know why I’m here”

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