Legends Never Die

Stuart Scott was a pioneer in sports broadcasting and journalism and has left an honorable path for many of us to follow, the staff here at The Starting Point take the time to honor Stu and his legacy.

Jazmine August 

They often say it’s not until something is no longer present that you are able to appreciate its value. This truly applies to the life of Stuart Scott. A pioneer in the world of sports journalism; he coined catch phrases like “Cooler than the other side of the pillow” & “boo yah!” and brought another aspect to sports broadcasting. Stuart Scott wasn’t afraid to be himself in the way he delivered information and conducted interviews. Even in the face of cancer, Stu still gave 110% to this business. It was very evident that this was his passion and purpose. He used his stage and audience to encourage others to fight what ever battle they were facing. He exemplified perseverance and strength. As an African-American aspiring sports journalist, Stuart’s life and death has inspired me to give 110% to my passion and while doing so inspire others. Stuart Scott’s life, although short, was well lived. I’m appreciative of the years I was able to watch him effortlessly broadcast to millions of people world wide. Thank you Stuart Scott.

Kelsey Miller 

Thank you Stuart. For your courage, drive and exposure to the world. When someone has an impact on your direction and how you want to live, you always wish well for that person who worked hard to inspire others. As a young black woman trying to break into the industry of sports journalism, I am heartbroken at the loss of ESPN pioneer Stuart Scott. My memories keep reverting back to your ESPY’s speech about the battle with cancer. Stuart, your battle is over and you fought an amazing fight that many could never duplicate. To the young black men of the sports journalism industry, recognize Stuart as a great. He is part of the reason why color in sports media is slowly filling the gaps. Rest in power Stuart, and thank you. Thank you 1,000 times Mr Scott. 

Maceo Lester 

Stuart Scott, the icon, the expert, the main reason why I would rush to turn on ESPN in the morning. Scott changed the game, changed ESPN, and changed the sportscasting industry forever. His cool, urban way of covering sports gave so much more energy to ESPN. His signature phrases like “boo-yah” and “cool like the other side of the pillow,” made highlight plays on ESPN even better. Scott, was one the main reasons why I wanted to enter the media industry. I was truly hurt to hear of his passing. I felt like a part of my childhood left with him. ESPN will never be the same, there will never be another Stuart Scott.

Stefan Anderson

In the 3rd grade, my teacher Mr.Silverman had this idea to keep me interested in school. Knowing that I had a love for sports and ESPN, Mr. Silverman suggested to my mom that I should type a morning sportscast every day on the daily announcements. I was only 9 at the time, so my older brother helped me come up with my lines. We worked to come up with the slogan, “This is Stefan Anderson or sometimes Stuart Scott Little( the movie was big at the time, but it was catchy), reporting Livveeeee from Smith School Sports Desk”

But what I really wanted to do was imitate this icon that i seen on TV everyday, Stuart Scott.

His legacy will forever live on in the hearts of many and his lasting impact on many sports journalist across the globe. I  am truly honored to have watched and learned so much from a trailblazer who led the way that I can one day follow. Thank you Stuart Scott, I hope to one day keep the legacy alive similar to what you did.

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