The Art of A Winning Franchise


By Stefan Anderson

Over the past decade, we have witnessed two franchises that epitomize the art of professional sports, winning. Although the Spurs and Patriots play in different sports, their success rates, ideal and class are parallel.

Starting with arguably the best coaches in either profession, Bill Bellichick and Greg Popovich are the standards for coaching in professional sports.

Whether it’s Belicheck’s infamous grey sweatshirt or its Pop’s choice of words for the media, regardless of the situation these leaders continue to motivate their teams throughout the years.

The job of coach is to get the maximum potential out all of all your talent, and these do that that most, making players like Deion Branch, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Mike Vrabel, and even Tom Brady. Although Brady and Duncan remain superstars, they never seem bigger than their respective teams. If your stars and the team buy into the concept of all for one and one for all it will bring you the numbers these coaches have.

Belichick: During his 15 years with Patriots, the team has won 174 that include 14 winning seasons and 3 Super Bowls in 5 different appearances.

Popovich: During Pop’s 18 year tenure, he has accounted for 984 Wins, 3 Coach of The Year awards and 5 NBA Titles in 6 appearances.

Not only do the teams win, they win consistently, the Spurs have won more than 50 games every year since 1997, with one year cut short due to the NBA lockout. The Patriots have shown the consistency winning 10 + games each season except in 2002 following their Super Bowl Win in the year previous.

Providing the blueprint for many franchises to follow, the Spurs and Pats have maintained the same integrity throughout the years.

Its similar to an old cliché “Like wine its gets better with time”

New England has changed their style relying on their defense to control the NFL’s offenses and switched to a game which showcases the irreplaceable talent of Tom Brady, which has shown to be effective but has not gotten them a Super Bowl since 2004. Now you see the franchise leaning back to their basics and bringing a great defensive attack, which is currently holding teams to less than 20 points per game, and look to be the top contender in the AFC looking to earn their 4th championship in team history.

San Antonio on the other hand from the beginning was known to play a slow pace which ran through the offensive superiors of 2-time MVP Tim Duncan, but as the years went on Pop decided to add something different to their offense. The Spurs changed their style of play running a faster pace game that gave guards like Ginobli and Parker the ability to have to the reigns of the offense as Duncan began to age.  The change of pace worked for a while and was a key component for the Spurs and they have seen the NBA Finals for the past two season after missing it for over 6 years. Duncan is still has a big role in the offense but the tweaking it shows the brilliance of the team and its brass.

The ways these teams continue to show superiority in their leagues is simply amazing to watch and is the reason have remained successful throughout the years. They are truly the blueprint to having a successful franchise in professional sports.

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