World Cup Final Predictions

world cup collage
For the past month we been glued to our TV sets for the world’s biggest sporting event, the World Cup. Watching your favorite player represent their host countries or for some learning about the world’s most universal sport, learning how interesting it can be. Here at The Starting Point, we give you our predictions for tonight’s big match up.
Muller or Messi? Who has a bigger impact on the game, if not them who else to look out for?
Greg Hudson: Muller. Messi is fantastic but his impact in the semifinal was non-existant. His only shot at goal was during penalties. Muller on the other hand scored the opener and bagged 2 assists in Germany’s rout of Brazil. For Germany the other player to watch is Miroslav Klose. He may be 36 but he still knows how to score like a pro and he’s a true goal poacher: he’s invisible and let’s the play develop around him and then pops up in the right place at the right time to finish it off. For the Argentines I have to go with Higuain. Sure, Di Maria is great but Higuain is overshadowed by his more famous teammates and that may just give him the little opening he needs for a breakthrough moment.
Which side formation’s causes for each other or evenly sided match up?
GH: Germany will cause all sorts of problems for Argentina because the pass so well and they make such devastating attacking runs. Brazil had no answer for the blitzkrieg the Germans launched their way. And while Argentina have the pace to be a problem on the counter, the German defence is so well-disciplined that they can cope with the threat.
If the game goes into penalty shots, who are you taking ?
GH: Have to go with Germany. The Germans spend hours every week training for penalty kicks and how to put them in an un-savable position. Not to mention that Manuel Neuer is one of the best penalty-save goalkeepers in the world.
Man of the Match?
GH: Muller or Toni Kroos in the attacking midfield.
Final Prediction: 
GH: Germany 3-1 Argentina (Muller, Klose, Schurrle; Higuain)

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