The Blueprint

By Stefan Anderson

As the interesting as this offseason has been featuring free agency, opt outs, and the recent draft the 2014 season looks to be promising pending this next weeks. With the beginning of NBA free agency so many questions to answer but what will happen this offseason can ultimately create a uproar in the league or remain depending on one person’s decision. Lebron James

Similar to 2010, the NBA premier superstar is once again a free agent and ready to have teams shake up their roster and begin to piece together their best package to acquire the 4 time MVP. James’s move to opt and chase the maximum contract that he deserved 4 years prior not only affects him but everyone in free agent cohort this summer.

In 2012, players like Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire , received 100 + million dollar contract, as being beneficiaries of the big 3 combination that has shaken up the league since its beginning. Kind of like a very lucrative person moves on to your block, that the value of your house goes up because people want to live in that nice area as well.

With James decision pending to change the outlook of the NBA once again he continues his pioneer activity. James signing with another team can leave Miami in limbo similar to Cleveland but can do the same if he decides to stay with Miami again.

Although Miami has a great amount of salary cap to burn, 55 million to be exact, it could hurt by giving James a maximum contract while trying to add other pieces alongside “The Chosen One”. James would take a max deal which would put the Heat’s former franchise player Wade in a position take a tremendous paycut and asking a top tier big man in Bosh to do the same. Although Wade is not worth the money he once was, it goes against the grain of the Miami “family” environment that was created by players like Wade and also a free agent Udonis Haslem.

James can get offered his maximum 20 million by up to 7 guaranteed teams that include Dallas, Miami and a total longshot but would to see him compete and grow with, Phoenix. But there are other teams willing sacrifice their futures like the Clippers who reportedly will trade Blake Griffin and the Rockets who has traded away Omer Asik and declined the budding star Chandler Parsons team option. James is playing the greatest game of monopoly right now and has done what no other superstar in the NBA has done, dictate your own future.

Carmelo Anthony, who is still living in James shadow 11 years later, decided to opt out of his contract from New York and ponds the decision whether to chase championships with another roster, believe in Phil Jackson’s master plan or also take pay cut to play with draft classmates in Miami in hopes of holding up that trophy for once in his career.  James’s influence can help young stars like a Chandler Parsons, Eric Bledsoe, Gordon Hayward and even Lance Stephenson will reap the benefits off being on the market where so many have their big dollars willing to spend on James or maybe a Anthony or Bosh, but will feel just as comfortable in giving them the same kind of deals to promote their future.

In the game of chess you cannot win the game unless you put the King in checkmate or take him completely out of the matchup, well the NBA is the same chess match with their King , LeBron James decides to checkmate and give into his chosen team.


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