The Luck of Curse


By Stefan Anderson

49 years with no Championship title the 3rd longest streak other than Ottawa and San Diego, Cleveland has seen its darkest days. With no NBA Title, no Super Bowl and a 1948 World Series title. Fans in the city of Cleveland still have nightmares of the Infamous Drive, Jordan’s jump shot over Craig Ehlo even more recently, LeBron James leaving. But there is hope with Johnny Football heading to the Browns and the Cavaliers earning the number one overall pick in this year’s draft, the second in 2 years and 3rd time in 4 years.

The decision now depends on what they do on the first pick in the star studded draft class of 2014.

The Cavaliers have spent their past 4 seasons searching for player(s) to replace the void once held by LeBron James. Pairing up Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Tristan Thompson and of course Anthony Bennett with their last 4 lottery picks, the Cavaliers have yet to put together a winning season since the departure of King James. With 8 expiring contracts, the Cavs are looking to right ship and have their youth feel what postseason play feels like.

With a team option on current big Anderson Varejo, expiring contract of Spencer Hawes, the Cavs will be looking for a rim protector and can collect one with Joel Embiid. Embiid stock still remains high even after a back injury suffered late in the season.  The 7-footer has the skills set and can give the Cavs a rim protector along with offensive scoring in which he showcased at Kansas, averaging  11.2 points, 8.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks in his freshman season.

Andrew Wiggins will still available and be put in the position he has been built for since entering his senior year of high school.  With tremendous amount of potential and athletic abilities that are out of this planet, Wiggins can be a great impact for player for the Cavaliers. Giving the Cavs, that proflic player they have been missing on the perimeter that plays both ways. Wiggins will add another Canadian player to that could bring a great foreign chemistry with Thompson, Wiggins, and Bennett.

There’s also Jabari Parker who can be a stretch 4 or great small forward depending on how his weight is this upcoming season. With reports that his weight has gone up since the past college it’s no questioning how in shape he is but there is no questioning Parker’s talent level. If Cleveland decides to select him with the 1st overall pick he can be another Coach K product that pans out very well, al a Kyrie Irving.  He would be a great fit as they Cavs will be looking for a swingman with Luol Deng (another one and done  Duke product) becoming a free agent this summer.

With so many options to choose from in this year’s upcoming draft, there is a big time superstar that is there can provide immediate help to the Cavaliers roster, Kevin Love. Love’s ability to crash the board without effort and ability to provide consistent scoring, in the paint or the perimeter, would be a great tandem for Kyrie Irving and propel their team to playoffs status.  But is Kevin Love worth risking your future for? Cleveland is a big city to most but how much better is it than Minnesota? Is he willing to resign and build his future there? Questions we don’t have the answers to.

What the Cavs do with their first pick shall be very interesting to say the least but hopefully it brings their team what is essential for success in a weak Eastern Conference. All of the talent can help their talent but only the draft will tell the real story. Who’s says losing your star can’t help you out for the future? Look at the way karma worked in Cleveland in way. Maybe the King can return to his crown next summer when he becomes a free agent. 

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