Money, Power and Respect


By Stefan Anderson

Two #1 seeds nearly eliminated, almost every team playing in a overtime matchup we have been on journey as fans of the game. Shortly after witnessing some of the best first round basketball in the past few years, NBA fans have not been focusing on the great play of recent. With the recent drama that has unfolded between Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers organizations has sidetracked the playoffs this year.

The actions have led to all parties involved to make extreme, critical decisions.

 V. Stiviano, in her best Kerry Washington impression has created the entire controversy; from the way it panned out it looked like it was bound to happen. Being Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s mistress for throughout the past few months, took a photo with “The King of LA” and former Laker Magic Johnson that made Sterling irate. Following her infamous Instagram photo, she went on tape a private conversation between herself and Sterling that hit the World Wide Web and caused an uproar. After hearing Sterling’s prejudice comments on African Americans and how he feels about the race led to what would be a exciting episode of Scandal , but terrible for the NBA.

The Los Angeles Clippers, in their best season in franchise history were up 2-1 in series versus the Golden State Warriors, were looking edge up one game and continue their run to the promise land of a NBA championship. But after the news struck, the team appeared to be in disarray. After players planning to boycott and showing their own symbolism by turning their warm-ups inside to not have any affiliation with the franchise. The news even led on the most generous and humble people in the NBA, Doc Rivers in question about his job and working under such conditions. Following the distraction the Clips watched Stephen Curry and the Warriors hand them a terrible 118-97 loss on Sunday.

Adam Silver, three months into his new tenure as NBA commissioner, was faced with his first difficult task on the job. After thoroughly investigating the issues at hand, Silver came down with the unexpected and unprecedented judgment. Silver handed down a lifetime ban of Sterling from the NBA and any of its allying parties. Along with the lifetime ban Sterling was given a maximum fine under of NBA bylaws of $2.5 million dollars and depending of Board of Directors of ¾ will force the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Whether his privacy was violated or not, what Donald Sterling said cannot be justified in any matter. Sterling’s past actions and treatment towards minorities have been brushed under the rug for so long that his mess built up and came back to bite him this time. Despite all the amendments and the constitutions that were created for us, we continue to break one of the most important one, All Men Created Equal. No matter how much money or power you perceive to have it cannot outlaws human rights. I believe that this is just a slap in a fight that will continue to be a slug fest in today’s society, and will not be stopped until us as humans begin to change that. Until we figure out that no matter the skin color, race, orientation, social status or monetary status, we all have to respect for the world and humanity.

 The ban gives hope to the future and shows the NBA will be under great leadership under new commissioner Adam Silver, with conscious efforts to protect the integrity of the game. This also can bring a great deal of emotion for the Clippers as they go on their pursuit for the NBA title. As they say “controversy builds character”. Now that we can put this drama behind and continue to enjoy my favorite game and its most exciting moments as the NBA playoffs continue. 

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