The Starting Point Picks Final Four and National Champion


Now that the opening games were played and the last spots were clinched, its time for the field of 64 to begin thier quest to win 6 straight. With each team having hopes of  playing in the Final Four and ultimately winning a national championship . With up to a billion dollars with Warren Buffet to the silly bets you place with your peers. Everyone wants to know who’s in your Final Four ? who you got winning the big dance ?

Here at Starting Point Sports, we are made our picks and predict who we want to win the National Championship this year.

Greg Hudson 

East-Michigan St.
West -Creighton
Midwest -Duke
Championship: Michigan St v Duke, with advantage to the Blue Devils.
Stefan Anderson 
South- Florida
East- Virginia 
Midwest- Duke 
West- Arizona 
Championship: Arizona vs Virginia. Aaron Gordon and Arizona will be too much for Virginia to handle. 
Kelsey Miller 
East- Cincinatti 
Midwest- NC State
West- Oklahoma State
Championship: Florida over NC State, their guard play , post game and defense make them unbeatable this time around. 

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