Don’t Worry About It Too Much

By Stefan Anderson

When Marcus Smart decided stay in college for his sophomore year, unlike other college freshman standouts, he was looked at as mature by many. Choosing the option of staying in college to work on his game, working on his skills and to stay with college teammates Markel Brown and Le’Bryan Nash. The Preseason All-American was seen as a role model for college players to continue their college career instead of foregoing their sophomore season to pursue a NBA career. But after last night’s incident during Saturday night game versus Texas Tech, but as of recent Smart’s judgment and actions has been questioned. But I believe that this all could have been avoided if the little things were not paid attention to.

In the video shown above, following a hard foul given by Smart to stop a layup, Smart ended up in the crowd from momentum of his motions. While getting back up a known fan of the Raiders’ Jeff Orr, said something really stirred Smart up forcing him to shove Orr after the comments. This is not the first incident where Smart has shown his temper during his team’s current 4 game losing streak. But as I stated previous, do not worry about the little things. Was Smart reaction’s outlandish certainly, but if the All American paid attention what was really happening he could of realized the damage he causes his teammates.

Fans have always been known to rowdy and raunchy to opposing teams from the beginning of time. It is something that you come to expect with college basketball game. With this is incident is certainly different from previous situations. Jeff Orr appears to an older man than most energetic, obnoxious and sometimes intoxicated college fans. So when you see him make his comments to Smart after the foul, it really had to be something offense, and has been speculated that he made a racial slur , which is totally out of the line. Whether it right or but is completely wrong if this speculations are true, Orr is entitled to his opinion as a fan and can say whatever he wants , which he did, to take the opponents players out of the game.

Smart’s heated decision ultimately puts his team in jeopardy for the next 3 games as he serves his suspension for his actions. For the next 3 games Oklahoma State faces, #15 Texas, (2nd in Big 12), #21 Oklahoma (3rd in Big 12) and Baylor. With the upcoming conference games it could pay a toll on Cowboys without their star player Marcus Smart as well as playing in the rigorous Big 12 conference. But all is not lost for the young star as he remains amongst the top prospects for this year’s draft and could get his best revenge as he returns from his suspension against Texas Tech on February 22nd.
I am not going stand for Marcus Smart’s actions and what he did, but I can understand his frustration and passion for the game of basketball but if his anger could have been channeled to a different outlet, he could be still playing with his team and competing for the Big 12 regular season title. But instead has to sit back and face the media attention along with watching teammates fight without him and should be a humbling situation for Smart that will propel his game when he returns. When it’s all said and done, Smart could have made a smart decision by just not worrying about the little things (fans, losses, etc.) and focus on what the positives are for this season.

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