Most Valuable Snubs

By Stefan Anderson 

On Thursday, The NBA selected the reserves that will join the starters at this year’s NBA All Star Game.  With that you have some great players that are on the outside looking in. Although the coaches did not award these players with the opportunity to play in the All Star Game this year, I would like to award those players with their own award MVS. Most Valuable Snub.

Joining the starters for the East will be: Joe Johnson, John Wall, Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Paul Millsap , DeMar DeRozan and Roy Hibbert.

For The West: Tony Parker, Rockets James Harden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

And The Awards for Most Valuable Snubs go to:

For The West

Ty Lawson: After adapting a system and new offense under Coach Brian Shaw, Ty Lawson continues to flourish and makes his argument for one of the best Point Guards in the NBA. Averaging 17.9 ppg and 8.9 assists (3rd in the NBA), Lawson continues to defy odds as an undersized PG but a great overlooked playmaker. Playing in the guard heavy Western Conference and in Denver might have you overshadowed but I believe Lawson deserves a chance.

Demarcus Cousins: Despite his outlandish statements and attitude, Cousins is one the premier big men in the NBA. Ranking in the Top 10 in PPG (22.6), RPG (11.6), Double Doubles (28), and not to mention 6th in Player Efficiency Rating, D. Cousins deserves to play in the All Star Game this year. Due to superstar big men in the league (Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin), Cousins was also overshadowed.

Anthony Davis: Some would say if they would to create an ultimate basketball player he would look like LeBron James or Kevin Durant, but I were to create a Big Man, he would play like Anthony Davis. With all the skills needed to become a legendary Big Man, Davis continues to embark on a career. After missing 8 games due to injury, Davis still leads the NBA in Blocks Per Game with 3.27 per game. Along with averaging 20 and 10, “The Brow” still continues to consistently produce with 20 Double Doubles and 5 overall in Player Efficiency Rating. Davis should definitely be in this year all-star game as well.

For The Eastern Conference:

Arron Affalo: “I used to be jealous of Arron Afflalo, He was the one to follow, He was the only leader foreseeing brighter tomorrows” – Kendrick Lamar. Averaging 20 ppg while shooting a great 42% from the 3, not only is Affalo one of the worst teams in the NBA but faces the challenge of guarding the opponent’s best player each night. Affalo is one of the leagues most underrated players in the league and should be rewarded for his great play.

Al Jefferson– Jefferson has always remained amongst the best bigs in the league year in and year out. A consistent Double- Double guy every season. Although, he has missed some games due to minor injuries, Big Al, has been continued his efforts this season with his 21 Double Doubles this season, while keeping the Bobcats alive this season. Big Al deserves a spot on this year’s all-star team for keeping the traditional post player alive.

Lance Stephenson– My last candidate for Most Valuable Snub, Lance Stephenson. Although he still with the knuckle head issues from time to time, Stephenson has been producing a high level this season. “Born Ready” is player every team in the league would love having on their roster, his skill set and ability to do everything year has been on showcase. Averaging 14 , 7.5 rpg, and not to mention his league leading 4 triple doubles. Stephenson has proven to be the ultimate role player and sometimes the glue that keeps the Eastern Conference leading Indiana Pacers together. Although he was not chosen for this year’s all-star team he should earn his revenge at the end of the season being named the Most Improved Player of the year. 

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