Starting Point Super Bowl Picks

ImageCourtesy of Craig Kanalley 

With the big game coming up on Sunday, we have a great game with the NFC’s Champ , The Seattle Sehawks and the AFC’s Champ, The Denver Broncos. Us here at The Starting Point, have our predictions on the big game and who could win it all.

Greg Hudson – Broncos 20, Seahawks 16

 I think the Broncos defense stands a solid chance against Marshawn Lynch after shutting out Legarrette Blount and the Patriots’ running game in the AFC Championship game. My X-Factor is the weather. There’s been a lot of talk about Richard Sherman’s Legion of Boom against Peyton Manning’s all-star receiving core, but how much of an impact that battle has will depend on whether either team will be able to establish a passing game in the expected sub-freezing temperatures in the Meadowlands. A run-dominated game would be a very interesting showdown indeed.

Stefan Anderson – Broncos 28, Seahawks 20
The Broncos Rush Defense has ranked 8th in the NFL all season and only allowed 2 100-yd rushers all season. Although I believe that “Beast Mode” will earn his yards but the Broncos front 7 will contain him enough to force Russell Wilson to make plays versus Champ Bailey and that Broncos secondary. My X-Factor will be the Broncos Defense as well as Percy Harvin, who could give some that can cause damage to that Broncos secondary and change the outcome. With the temperature being the mid 20’s to 30’s for the Sunday evening matchup, I don’t see it being the “Snow Bowl”, ultimately it will be a classic grudge match between the two best teams and should be one of the best super bowls we have seen in years.
Maceo Lester – Denver 31, Seattle 27

It’s Peyton’s year, he’s been focused and determined all year he knows his legacy is on the line and he wants to go down as one of the greats. Nothing can stop him right now, he’s the x-factor he will have control of the game.
Kelsey Miller -Seattle 20 , Broncos 17
I choose Seattle because the defense is primarily the heart and soul of that team. gonna be tough to score on young healthy talent, and I feel the game will come down a field goal. Haushka has a good leg. Peyton’s gotta use Moreno because Seattle will heavily play the passing game and play option. My X Factor is Marshawn lynch. Broncos are without Von Miller so there’s a small gap in the pocket front line of the defense. Broncos secondary, Bailey and Rodgers-Cromartie will be playing the pass heavily so they have to run the ball.

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